14th July On the North Coast

Great Day Out was had by all thanks to all who joined us Glyn, Alicia, Marty, Quinn, Thomas & Jamie.
First Dive was  Carrick-a-Rede Island Sun Shining popped into the water looked down and could easily sea the bottom 8 Metres Below us, dropped down and cruised over the kelp to the wall and made our way to depth came accross 2 friendly Cat Sharks, got to 22m on this dive then made our way Back up along the kelp line over the sand to 8 Metres popped up the Dsmb Completed our safety stop surfaced where skippy was waiting to pick us up on the boat.

Cat Sharksjpg

Star fishjpg

After the first dive we made our way over some choppy surface conditions to the shelter of Rathlin Island Harbour stopped of for a spot of lunch and a surface interval.

Dive 2 we headed around to the lough Garry Wreck of the east coast of the Island conditions where quite choppy on the surface, popped in there was still a bit of current running at the time, decided to drop down any way and see how we got on,  there was some current on the dive but with current comes fish hiding in the wreck for shelter and lets just say there was a few pollock around, after diving for around 30 mins our no decompression limit was reached so not to stay hanging on the line for decompression stops we decided to head up.
on the line we where admiring and dodging the massive lions Main Jelly Fish Passing in the current as well as picking out the fish hooks from the shot line so some other unsuspecting diver does not get shagged on them. surfaced where the boat was waiting tied to the shot line. Back on the boat And headed for Ballycastle harbour over the chop.



pollock 3jpg

pollock 3jpg

Properly enjoyed this dive personally one of my favourite dive sites and the company wasn't bad either LOL...

look forward to Padi Woman's Dive Day Next week 20th of July should be an eventful day with 
Barbeque and 10% discount on Continuing education courses for anyone that attends on the day Open to Men as well if they where woman's clothing.
Look Forward to seeing you all down there 
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