Terms and conditions

·                     Pricing - Prices shown include manuals and PADI registration. Standard course prices are for a scheduled itinerary, you will be required to attend lessons at our scheduled locations and times. Standard courses may include up to eight students per class. One to one classes provide for students who like to have some control over their itinerary and the personal attention of an instructor for the duration of the course.

·                     Promotions - Promotional prices are for standard tuition, only one promotional offer may be used for any individual course; e.g. if you complete a standard DSD you are entitled to the cost of your DSD deducted from the standard price for an Open Water course. If after your DSD you buy a promotional offer on an Open Water course you will not be entitled to this deduction.

·                     Payment - Payment for courses may be made by cheque, bank transfer, credit/debit card or cash and must be paid before completion of the course. If a deposit is required this must be paid before commencement of the course. You will not be registered and issued with your qualification card until all financial requirements are complete. Payment by Credit/Debit Card or will be subject to a 3% surcharge to cover bank charges. 

·                     Groups - DiveclubNI will be happy to negotiate reduced rates for groups exceeding three divers completing the same course and itinerary. Payment for group bookings must be made in full before the commencement of the course and no refund will be available should any member of the group withdraw before or during the course. Members of the group may be changed prior to the commencement of the course, subject to the necessary paperwork, but not after the course has commenced. In the event one or more members of the group is unable to attend a class due to unforeseen circumstances every effort will be made to rearrange the class to facilitate the whole group. Should such arrangement be necessary the group may be asked to contribute toward additional expenses incurred.

·                     Important - If you fail to attend any of your scheduled classes thereby requiring us to provide an additional class to complete your course you will be charged for that unscheduled class. The current charge for a one to one catch up class is £50. It may be possible for you to drop out of the current course and join a following course at the point you dropped out however this option is only available if you encounter circumstances beyond your control and could not have been aware that these circumstances might arise when you started the course.

·                     Please consider the consequences of your actions - DiveclubNI offer fantastic course prices for your benefit. If you do not attend classes at the scheduled times additional costs are incurred to progress your training. You will be required to cover these costs.

·                     Standard - The customer is required to attend class at a time dictated by DiveclubNI, should the customer fail to attend or cancel within a 48 hour pre-class window, an additional fee of £35 will become due before proceeding, failure to cover the additional fee may result in the cancellation of your course and you may be held liable for any part of the original fee outstanding. Due to the variable and unreliable weather conditions in NI DiveClubNI reserve the right to alter itinerary and or location.
                      Refunds - The customer can ask for a refund in full before receipt of there Padi Materials once they have been issued no refunds are available. 

                      Gift cards - Are none refundable and must be redeemed within the time they expire and must be presented before the course starts as proof of purchase.


In the interest of fairness DiveClubNI will always seek to find a mutually acceptable solution to any issue affecting your ability to complete the course. If you have a problem contact us immediately so we can discuss how best to proceed. Like you, we are only human and hope that you will extend us the same courtesy.