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Empire Tana AKA The Inner Lee's Wreck

The Wreck Of the inner lees is a Very Popular shore dive located in portaferry. This was a WWII Liberty ship which also acted as part of the Mulberry harbour at the landing beaches in Normandy. During the 1940's the  Empire Tana was being brought into Strangford Lough to be scrapped when she struck a reef on the southern coast of the Island and has since broke into two (the Inner and Outer Lees), locally the wreck is known as Lee's Wreck and is a very popular diving site .It broke away while under tow to Lee’s breakers yard on Ballyhenry Island. It has broken into two large pieces off Ballyhenry Point at the sheltered end of the Strangford Narrows. It breaks the surface at low water and is in 12m of water. Once famous for its tame conger eels it is teeming with life, resembling a garden full of colour. It is carpeted from stem to stern inside and out with a huge variety of marine life. Care should be taken not to disturb the soft mud inside the wreck as the visibility can plummet to zero. Diving is best carried out after high water Strangford. Low water is okay but it is advisable to stay on the landward side as can Have considerable current. It is one of DCNI favourite dives diveable most weather conditions as its in a sheltered spot