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Padi Night diver Speciality

Padi Night Diving Speciality Course

How often do we all get the chance to be at a world class dive destination, much less night dive there? If you raise this thought, you may find that skipping the opportunity of night diving sounds ludicrous. See the underwater world in a whole new light, and bear witness to nature's amazing and endless palette!

Most scuba divers find night diving mysterious, yet alluring. And, even though you may have been on the very same reef earlier that day, at night a dive site takes on a new aura and adventure. Darkness lays a veil that you penetrate with your lights as you explore. Although you may have many great dives here, a night dive is often the one we all talk about afterwards.

The wildlife differ at night as underwater life switches to nocturnal behaviour, and different animals emerge. You may find an Octopus, crawling amid a reef, change colour before your eyes and jet away into the blackness. Whilst some fish 'sleep' on the bottom, others are wrapped in protective cocoons. lobsters and crabs crawl about in the open. Or you may simply watch, mesmerised as your torch beams draw thousands of planktonic organisms to swarm over your lights.

During your programme you'll go on 3 open water dives. You'll learn to prepare night dive activities and develop your appropriate knowledge and techniques. Diving at night focuses your attention more. You typically don't go as far as during the day, so you tend to look more closely at a smaller area. Your dive light keeps your focus on a relatively confined area, so you often pick up details you overlook during the day.

Course topics covered include:

  • Planning, organisation, procedures, problems and hazards of night diving;
  • Proper procedures for buoyancy control, navigation and communication;
  • Use of dive lights and buddy-system techniques;
  • Disorientation and emergency procedures;
  • Orientation to nocturnal aquatic life.

Course Prerequisite

Junior Open Water and above or equal training with another training organisation 
Min 12 years of age.
Completed over 3 Dives 

Whats Included in the price


Padi Night Diver manual

On Completion you will receive a Project Aware card to prove your success.

Use of all scuba equipment (suits, weights, cylinders, BCD regulator compass ect)   

whats Not included

Transportation to or from dive site. 

Dive site entry fee if required.

Cost £249