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The Lough Garry Wreck Rathlin Island

The wreck today sits upright on the sea bed off the Coast of Rathlin Island in approximately 32 meters. It is largely intact though the stern section has started to collapse. The wreck is usually buoyed, when I last dived the wreck the shot was attached to the port railings around midships. 

There are several recognisable features on the wreck. Some wood decking plates have survived and there are several bollards still in place. One of the most discernible features is the black and white tiles on the deck. This was once a bathroom floor, the walls and ceiling have rotted away to revel the tiles, some pieces of porcelain from toilets and sinks can be seen nearby. The engine room is open and the triple expansion engine is exposed. Coming forward on the wreck it is possible to see into the forward Hold, the width of the hold is covered with heavy chain placed there by the Royal Navy in an attempt to stop anyone obtaining the rifles, grenades and munitions stored in the hold.
Highly Recomemded Dive.
Viz in the area usually 10-20m.
Advanged open water Certificate required for this dive.

The Lough Garry Bow Rathlin