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Terms and conditions

  1. Pricing - Prices shown include manuals and PADI registration equipment and training Standard course prices are for a scheduled itinerary.
  2. Payment - Payment for courses may be made by bank transfer, or cash and must be paid before Start of the course. If a deposit is required this must be paid before commencement of the course. 
  3. Refunds - The customer can ask for a refund in full but once your course is registered with Padi NO refunds will be issued.
  4. Duration - All efforts will be to complete your training with in 6 weeks from starting courses sooner if you apply your self to the course with all availability this what we aim for but You must commit to complete your course with in 12 Months of the booking, If you can not commit to this time line there will be no point in booking on any course.
  5. Absence - Absence for a period of more than 6 months or longer will require a Scuba review to refresh the skills you have learned this will be an extra cost of £50 then we will join you to a class at the level you are at the time when suitable space available.
  6. Part Payment Plans - Occasions on requested we can offer part payments for PADI OPEN WATER COURSES ONLY! (agreement for this is £350 Up front in cash at the start of your course and then £199 in cash no more than 5 weeks after original booking before training can continue.) Failure to hold up your end of the agreement will cause a delay on your training then We have refer to terms above.
  7. Cancellations - 48 Hours notice must be given if you can not attend a training session as arrangements for training are already in place by the dive team Failure to do this there will be a charge of £45 due for the private session to catch up with the class
  8. referrals - A referral can be given to finish training with another Padi instructor if you request it ,but please bare in mind we have a no refund policy once Padi materials are issued and referral paperwork takes time to complete So will come with an additional charge of £50
  9. private lessons - can be arranged for an extra cost of £50 per 1 to 1 training Session by an instructor
  10. Promotions - Promos and offers must be used with in 6 Months of Purchase date.
  11. Gift Cards - on request a gift card can be issued for all courses but must be redeemed 6 months from issue and are not refundable.
  12. Equipment - All equipment must be returned in the same condition it was supplied if equipment is lost or broken you will be liable for like for like repair or replacement of the lost or broke equipment. (you loose it great purchase you made as you will have to replace or pay for replacement)

In the interest of fairness DiveClubNI will always seek to find a mutually acceptable solution to any issue affecting your ability to complete the course. If you have a problem contact us immediately so we can discuss how best to proceed. Like you, we are only human and hope that you will extend us the same